The word ‘Monument’ literally means a great work of art, which is

constructed by a master's hands.

At Monument; our approach to women is from this artistic perspective,

which seeks to celebrate the natural, holistic and intrinsic beauty of

women; which has been impeccably created by God’s flawless


A woman’s body is beautiful and gracious by nature and her spirit is

inherently strong, courageous and productive.

With its timeless and exclusive designs, the Monument brand not

only reminds women of their worth and power, it also aims to reveal

the inspiration of simplicity, elegance and grace.


The founder Monument and former İstanbul-based architect, Gülnur Serbest,

reflects her aesthetic vision which she acquired in the field of

architecture to her designs in a delicate way.

Gülnur’s priority is to create the most sophisticated look that features

a women’s beauty rather than highlighting the product itself.

The first collection of the Monument ‘Black Swan’ puts emphasis on

elegancy with tulle details which reflects the power of women

through the usage of black color and bold cuts.

Keeping the designs simple, elegant and timeless , Gülnur creates

from the belief that every single women is beautiful just as they are.